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Next solution IT is an idea that transcended time. It transcended todays search engine inventories, it was an idea that enabled wealth creation for global customers. It was an idea that harnessed the rising workforce talent in developing economies and fostered them as employees-at-large to developed nations at an economical scale!

The late 90’s when the whole world was body shopping for the Y2K scenario, a young at heart visionary set out from the US to the shores to understand and collate IT story. Over a season of some start-up experiments, Ralph Budelman (a 40 something business backpacker) realized a potent combination of technology and quality workforce existed in this country. He worked through Netscape and Yahoo and understood that the wave of the 21st century will be ‘search’ and its avatars. He knew from experience that the world will look at smarter options to lower wage bills, will look at technology to replace humans, and look at efficiency to increase bottom lines.

Origin and Early Formative Years

In 1999 with a prayer on his lips and an anticipation of the future, he began to write the outsourcing opportunity. He wrote of the ability to provide skilled software engineers, data entry workers, the methods and the technology advisories – all written in a web portal called “Next solution IT.com”. The results were dramatic, tech savvy customers searching for better business solutions found us and the initial partnerships began.

Ralph moved on after entrusting the phenomenon called ‘Next solution IT’ to a group of entrepreneurs who founded Flatworld Solutions in 2002 and incorporated it in 2006 as a legal entity across geographies.

The Growth Trajectory

Next solution IT today offers the same solutions but has expanded its service line to over 15 service offerings, has helped over 9000 customers get their work delivered by Flatworld Solutions and ensured that there will always be a better way to do business.

For 18 years, visitors to Outsource2inda have experienced hassle free and seamless outsourcing solutions from Flatworld Solutions. The O2I team at Flatworld Solutions always goes an extra mile to ensure that process efficiency remains the bulwark of the relationship, when you work with us you can be assured of faster project delivery, economies of scale and better productivity of your business.

Every project is well-managed at any one of the Flatworld Solutions’ ISO 9001 certified centers, with appropriate resource planning and continuity programs to ensure profitable solutions for you – our clients. Outsource2inda today remains the favorite destination for those looking to profit from a better business idea.

Our Vision

Flatworld Solutions will be a partner of choice by providing value to enable our customer’s long-term sustainable growth.

Our Mission

Flatworld is committed to providing ongoing value to our customers. We leverage technology and implement best practices, to provide a range of high quality and cost-efficient Information Technology Solutions, from global locations enabling customers achieve their business goals.

Infrastructure and security

We have state-of-the-art computing and communications technology, with UPS for power backup, as well as our own power generators in the event of power failure. The Internet and telecom technologies in our delivery centers provide the perfect platform for customer service and support on par with industry standards. We use some of the latest security technologies to ensure data integrity for our customers


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Bangladesh. Address: 350 Fifth
Avenue, 34th floor.

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